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Geddes Keepsake, Inc. is the first keepsake ultrasound company to establish and publish standards for the completion of 2D / 3D / 4D keepsake ultrasounds. The company is also the first organization to create a suite of products and services that can be used by licensed medical professionals who wish to offer the highest quality keepsake ultrasound services and products.

For Medical Professionals we offer branded, high quality products and services that meet the needs of patients who would like to have a keepsake ultrasound performed. Join the team of medical professionals promoting Geddes Keepsake ultrasounds as a valued service to patients and their families. To learn more, please go to the "Medical Professionals" area of our web site.

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What are the indications for coronary angioplasty?

Heart diseases: diagnosis – training

The treatment of high blood pressure: heart drugs

How is the procedure carried out ?

On the day of the angioplasty

Heart diseases: diagnosis - palpitation

Diagnostic investigations: clinical laborotarytests - special investigations - coronary angiography

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