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A hypertensive patient with congestive heart failure usually takes digitalis. Digitalis eases the work of the heart muscle by increasing its ability to contract with less oxygen. The heart begins to beat more powerfully and more economically. Frequently digitalis alone will "regulate" the rapid, irregular heart beat, the arrhythmia of some hypertensives. Digitalis is not habit-forming and never loses its effectiveness. In congestive heart failure it is quite literally a lifesaver which can safely be taken over a long period of time. In some cases hypertensives whose arrhythmias are the result of congestive heart failure must also take additional drugs. Arrhythmias must be treated if they

constitute a hazard (for example, multiple extra beats), if they substantially impair the performance of the heart (too rapid or too slow pulse rate). Patients who suffer from frequent or constant arrhythmias should call this to their doctor's attention. He will decide whether the condition requires special treatment


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