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Adding value for your patients. Every day more and more doctors experience the benefits of keepsake ultrasound services for their patients. Geddes Keepsake services have a profound impact in the lives of mothers and families. Keepsake ultrasound services are patient driven -- mothers want the images of their babies for their families, for bonding, for parenting, and for sharing their pregnancy with family and friends. Doctors who have offered these services are pleased to have this level of impact in the lives of their patients. There are strong indications of medical benefits for keepsake ultrasound services.

Added value and easy integration. Geddes Keepsake (GK) services are designed to work within the structure and flow of most OB/GYN office or imaging centers. The GK process includes hardware and software that attaches to the GE Voluson 730. Through the use of proprietary software and processes, Geddes Keepsake, Inc., has put together the very best keepsake ultrasound experience. Most licensed providers have been able to offer GK services without hiring additional staff.

Minimized legal exposure. Any time a medical device is used to provide information there are inherent risks and concerns. Accordingly, Geddes Keepsake has created a process that is specifically designed to minimize medical legal exposure. Moreover, Geddes Keepsake follows in the completion of Keepsake ultrasound services.

Increased income. Geddes Keepsake services are designed to enhance the revenue of an existing medical practice or medical imaging center. We are so confident in the revenue potential of our services that we offer the following: if you have not had a complete payback on the investment within eight months, we will buy back the equipment for the price you paid less the gross income you earned. You can choose to discontinue GK services at any time during your first eight months.

Give us a call. Don't wait another minute. We can be reached at 1-888-4D-ULTRA (1-888-438-5872) or simply click here for more information and to receive a FREE Geddes Keepsake Information Packet. See for yourself why both patients and doctors alike are raving about Geddes Keepsake ultrasound services.


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